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HARP Direct Mail Leads

YES….We Have HARP Direct Mail – Ready! Samples Below! Yes, you read right! We already have a list of the millions of eligible people. Beyond that, we can filter those results (100’s of ways) to match your specific needs. Some of the filtering options we offer: Cost Per Call Campaigns! 97% Accurate Fannie/Freddie Home Values […]

HARP Live Transfers

HARP Mortgage Live Transfers Enable MORE Refinancers! Recent adjustments to HARP have enable millions of people to qualify for a refinance of their home loan. In this tough economy, more and more people are taking advantage of this offer. This means your potential client pool is growing! To qualify for HARP, we verify several requirements: Freddie Mac or […]

HARP Lead Lists

More HARP Mortgage Lists! Samples Below! Most companies give you an accuracy of 40-60% on your HARP lists. Not us! We are always over 90% accurate when it comes to our Fannie and Freddie indicators! We understand that certain methods of obtaining leads can be too expensive for your budget. This is where our lead […]

HARP Aged Leads

Bringing Them in Without Bringing Up Your Costs Despite the recent mortgage turnaround, times are tough. We get it! That’s why we have created the option of aged internet leads. You still have access to the millions of eligible HARP customers, without having to spend a fortune. Aged HARP internet leads have unfairly gotten a bad rap. […]

HARP Internet Leads

Techniques to Bring YOU Quality HARP Internet Leads! We offer the best real-time internet lead system on the market. Our leads are unrivaled by competitors, because we use smart techniques to bring you quality leads. We offer two types of leads to give you the biggest opportunity to succeed: High-quality Email Leads- These leads come from people NOT searching […]

HARP Mortgage TV Leads

Harp TVs Leads are Everywhere Let’s face it: if you own a house, you own a TV. If you own a car, you own a radio. 96.7% of Americans own a TV. One average, Americans own 2.28 cars per household. That means there are millions of potential HARP customers that can be reached by TV […]