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HARP Live Transfers

HARP Mortgage Live Transfers Enable MORE Refinancers!

Recent adjustments to HARP have enable millions of people to qualify for a refinance of their home loan. In this tough economy, more and more people are taking advantage of this offer. This means your potential client pool is growing!

To qualify for HARP, we verify several requirements:

  • Freddie Mac or Fannie May Loan
  • Before May 31, 2009.
  • Current LTV’s Exceed 80%.
  • Solid 12 Month payment History
  • WITH a One (1) Minute Qualifier

We know! That’s a lot of requirements. If you were to take the time to just find people who may be eligible, you’re looking at months of researching. You don’t have time – This is where we WILL help!

Live Transfer Leads Multiply Your Customers

In order to keep your business thriving you need to have a steady inflow of quality leads. We already have access to millions of people who are eligible to refinance under HARP. That’s right! We already have that first step done!

We have a team of super telemarketers calling people who may be eligible to refinance their mortgages. We use our unrivaled data to determine who to contact. When we find someone who is interested in refinancing under HARP, they become a lead. Our work doesn’t end there.

Once you sign up with us, we speak with you to determine your specific needs. We filter the leads we find to fit your specifications. This means that your live transfer leads are:

  • Quality
  • Fit to Your Targets
  • A Good Use of  Valuable Time

Why waste your time with leads that don’t fit what you are looking for? With us, you don’t have to. Our telemarketers screen potential leads with a series of questions. If the leads don’t match your needs, they will not be transferred to you. Period!

Speak to Your Leads While They Are Fresh

As soon as we determine that the lead is a match, we transfer them to you. Within minutes of us making contact and establishing interest, the lead is sent to you. This makes for a happy lead, and a person that is easier to convert to a customer.

Speed is crucial for converting your leads to customers. Our telemarketers are trained to transfer quickly, while retaining quality. If you have our speed on your side, you will have HARP customers ready to refinance in no time!

There’s No Comparison

With the recent surge in eligible refinancers, now is the time to act. You have nothing to lose by using our high quality live transfer leads. We have a PROVEN track record. No one will bring you better leads faster than

Our live transfer leads are filtered to your needs, and they come to you at blazing speeds. We have the largest database of eligible HARP refinancers in the market. We offer it all to YOU at an incredible value!

Start today and take advantage of this amazing offer!