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HARP Internet Leads

HARP Email Leads

Techniques to Bring YOU Quality HARP Internet Leads!

We offer the best real-time internet lead system on the market. Our leads are unrivaled by competitors, because we use smart techniques to bring you quality leads. We offer two types of leads to give you the biggest opportunity to succeed:

  1. High-quality Email Leads- These leads come from people NOT searching for information on a mortgage. Get rid of shoppers!
  2. Ads and Banners Leads- We generate these leads by placing internet ads and banners; these generate and attract IMPULSIVE people to consider HARP Mortgage Refinancing.

After searching for this information, seeing our ads, and lured in by this wonderful opportunity, these people will be sent to a landing page. Once there, they fill out a form to get more information. Once they hit submit, they become a lead. Then, we use our unique filtering system to filter the leads to fit your specific needs.

Filtering ensures that you only receive the leads you want. Your leads are custom-fit for YOU. Customizing your leads makes it more likely that the leads will convert to customers. We offer many filtering options:

  • Home Values
  • Origination Dates Prior to 2009
  • LTV/CLTV’s to 100% to Infinite, (and beyond!)
  • Rate Filters
  • FICO Scores
  • Plus 100’s of Other Filters

If you want to eliminate those people whose homes are valued at less than $150,000 – No problem! Choose a specific date range – No problem! Want to eliminate people with a FICO score less than an estimated 600 – No problem! We ensure that the leads you receive are the customers you want and meet the requirements you feel are best for your company.

HARP has Enabled Millions to Qualify for Mortgage Refinancing

Recent changes to HARP have enabled millions of people to qualify to refinance their homes. This means that there are millions of people out there who are waiting to hear from you.

These new changes give you a larger customer base that is willing and able to refinance their mortgages. You now have access to people who:

  • Were previously denied
  • Never thought that they would qualify
  • Have great payment histories, but needed the extra assistance

Using our proven internet techniques, we are able to bring these people to you! That’s right! We do all of the legwork to ensure you start bringing in more customers and increasing your profits!

Real-Time Internet Leads Have the Most Growth Potential

Real-time internet leads provide the most potential for growth. This is because the amount of internet leads we generate is jaw-dropping! Real-time internet leads provide you with a consistent and scalable lead flow, with potential for huge returns.

Beyond the growth potential, Internet leads provide:

  • Predictability- Once you have internet leads pouring in, your profits become more dependable. The more leads you have, the more profits you can count on.
  • Stability-In the rapidly changing mortgage market, internet leads can deliver unmatched stability that traditional leads do not.

With a solid stream of real-time internet leads, your HARP mortgage refinancing profits will explode. With all of our research and PROVEN track record, you will always have a steady stream of quality HARP mortgage refinancing internet leads.

Our Secret Weapons: Speed and Tracking

We have more to offer than just customized, high-quality leads! We offer these leads at blistering speeds, and then we track your metrics!

Speed: With our rapid response time, your leads will still be searching for information on HARP refinancing when you call. Our Real-Time internet leads let you respond to potential customers within minutes, as opposed to hours with the more traditional marketing approaches.

Tracking: We track all of your metrics. The secret to any successful lead campaign is tracking your results. We do that for you!  We help you figure your ROI, so you always know that your lead investment is boosting your profits.

Offers To Good to Pass Up

With our lead management system, you get high-quality, customized leads delivered to you fast, and we keep track of how well you’re doing. You also have the power to choose whether you want exclusive or semi-exclusive leads to further customize your plan. All of these tools allow you to ensure you have the best customers available.

Our value is astounding. Take advantage of this opportunity, and start boosting your profits today.