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HARP Mortgage TV Leads

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Harp TVs Leads are Everywhere

Let’s face it: if you own a house, you own a TV. If you own a car, you own a radio. 96.7% of Americans own a TV. One average, Americans own 2.28 cars per household. That means there are millions of potential HARP customers that can be reached by TV and Radio. We offer:

  • Exclusive and Real Time
  • Credibility: Client JUST saw YOU on TV!
  • Proven Phone Responders

More HARP TV Leads Then Ever!

With recent adjustments to HARP, more and more people are becoming eligible for mortgage refinancing. HARP gives people who were previous denied refinancing a new opportunity. These potential customers have to meet certain qualifications:

  • Their mortgage has to be owned by Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae.
  • The mortgage had to be opened on or before May 2009.
  • They have to have great payment history for at least 12 months.

The housing market has been hit by hard times. In 2012, property values dropped to lowest they had been in over a decade. When these homeowners were in need of assistance, they were often times initially denied. HARP gives these home-owners a new sense of hope.

We know what you have to offer, and we know how to bring these people to you.

With the economy constantly changing, some homeowners need extra assistance. That is how HARP Mortgage refinancing can help them. Of course, you already know that; we just let potential customers know that, too!

We Have the Tools for the Job

We offer tools that our competitors do not. We give you speed. Our HARP TV leads are produced in real time, so you’ll contact leads within minutes of them seeing or hearing an advertisement. We also give you the leads you want.

  • These leads need help. They want to refinance their mortgage loan and HARP gives them that opportunity.
  • You need these leads to boost your profits. Our proven techniques give you instant rewards and lead to increased profitability.
  • We are here to bring these potential customers to you.

With outstanding skills in marketing and an understanding for your potential customer base, we give you the best leads possible. Quality HARP mortgage leads are not a dime a dozen. We pride ourselves on results! We don’t operate off-the-cuff: This is a science AND an art. Trust the lead generation company that has proven it can get the job done. Get your leads today!