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We remove the guesswork and provide you with customers who want to refinance.

  • Experts At Direct Mail
  • Wholesale Rates Below Almost Any Invoice Price
  • The Nation’s Fastest Mortgage Direct Mailer
  • Access to Proven Campaigns – Withstanding the Test of Time

Best of All: Results are Fast!

Standard Program: You pay Monday – Calls start flowing the NEXT Monday.

  • No Waiting
  • No Wondering
  • Need An Influx of Hot Leads? Okay!

We will process your mail campaign at blistering speeds.

Get More Targeted Refinance Mortgage Leads

What’s the problem with most mortgage direct mail campaigns? Tracking! Most companies have no way of knowing when mail is received or when calls should come in. When these crucial things are NOT being analyzed, it leaves you with more questions than leads – Having Direct Mail METRICS is mission critical! At the end of the day, you MUST have leads.

With us, you get full color pie charts showing you exactly when your mail left, and when it should hit. Were so confident, we even do mortgage mail on a COST PER CALL BASIS! 

You will never be left in the dark. It’s All AUTOMATED!

Fire Branded Mortgage Direct Mail Campaigns….

We have PROVEN campaigns with PROVEN results to share.  Most of our Conventional Mortgage clients are getting more than 50 inbound mortgage calls per 5,000 mail pieces sent – with many clients getting far better! Although there are no guarantees in direct mail, its definitely the highest quality lead out there. In order for you to increase your profits, you must have authentic mortgage leads. Direct mail is far from an exact science. There isn’t a “one-formula-fits-all” when it comes to direct mail. The good news is that we’ve done the research, and figured out direct mail for you!

Mortgage Direct mail is an extremely powerful tool. A competent direct mail campaign results in inbound calls…..So, this means that people interested in mortgage refinancing will call YOU. This strategy allows you to avoid the rougher sides of marketing.

  • No Cold Calls….These Make Sales Reps Sad
  • No Disconnected Numbers
  • No Getting Hung-Up On
  • No Guesswork – The Targeted Data does it For You!
  • We send out millions of direct mail pieces weekly, NO ONE can beat our cost on volume…..

And Yes….We Also Have DYNAMITE Data

We use the mortgage postal lists we acquire to filter your potential clients. Only truly interested clients are calling you…Unless you put a picture of Obama on your mailer, then… just the state department calls you….But boy, are they interested too! (Don’t do this) We have aggressive mail pieces that work, while remaining compliant.

We look at loan to value ratio, credit, loan type, interest rate, and acceptable origination dates. So in turn, only clients that fit your needs and specific underwriting guidelines are calling YOU . This type of filtering results in higher customer conversion and rapidly increasing profits! Who doesn’t want that?….No, that wasn’t rhetorical – Whoever they are, have them call us. We’ll set the record straight! (We have a referral program)

Interest rates on refinancing homes are the lowest they’ve been – since the INCEPTION of mortgages. This means the amount of people interested in refinancing their homes – has increased DRAMATICALLY. More shockingly, the number of REPEAT refinancers is also on the rise. So now you’re wondering, “Where are these people?” Because of our industry leading research: We know where they are. We have the direct mail mortgage refinance leads you’ve always wanted. These people NEED to refinance their mortgage and are just waiting to call in and be closed. As a result, we only get paid if you are getting leads.

Unlike others offering leads out there, our leads are:

  • Truly Interested
  • Highly Researched
  • Targeted Towards Your Unique Goals

Our direct mail leads are the “supreme” mortgage leads in the market. Our monthly updated CASS certified and NCOA’d direct mail lists generate calls – And those calls will be targeted, and filtered to YOUR specific needs. Not only do we know what YOU want, but we know what THEY want to hear from you.