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High Quality Refinance Mortgage Internet Leads: Yes Please

While traditional lead generation models use uncontrolled traffic sources, we’re a little different. We ARE the source. We have the best quality for our cost on the planet. Traditional models depend on:

  • Mixing Bad Traffic With Good Traffic
  • Uncontrolled Traffic Keywords
  • Uncontrolled Traffic Types
  • Using The Same Stagnant Pages

Given the current sink-or-swim state of the mortgage industry, you have to constantly adapt! You have to utilize the leads that are most likely to maximize your results.

How Does Our Program Work?

At we are focused on providing you with HIGH quality, real-time internet leads. In order to make sure we have the best pool of leads available, we use two different methods:

  1. High Quality Email Leads. These are leads that are the result of an advertising mechanism searching for people not actively looking, but want to hear more. With PPC traffic, you are dealing with shoppers….Email leads enable you to catch them when they are interested in knowing, but haven’t applied on 10 other sites.
  2. Ads and Banner Leads. These leads are generated by placing internet ads or banners,  and enticing people to consider refinancing their mortgage. They are impulsive leads, they already want to convert, so we give them the push in the right direction.

Both of these strategies take a potential customer to a landing page where they fill out a form to request more information about refinancing their mortgage. The second they hit submit, we begin to filter their application to ensure that they fit your qualifications. Within seconds, we determine whether they meet your specifications, and that lead is sent to you.

In order to best fit your needs and price range, we offer both exclusive and semi-exclusive leads. With exclusive mortgage leads, you are the only company receiving them. With semi-exclusive mortgage leads, we may be offering those leads to other companies as well. Both types can produce amazing results for the investment, as long are you are ready to sell your services to them.  As always, with, full transparency is a given!

Each of our leads come with:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Full Address
  • Self Stated Credit Worthiness
  • Minimum Loan Amounts
  • LTV’s

You decide how to contact them, phone or email. (We recommend using both forms of communication to maximize your converting potential!)

Real Time Internet Prospects: Ideal!

Real-time internet leads are the best at finding people who want to refinance. The sheer volume of internet leads is astounding! Real-time internet leads can provide you with reliable and unmatched potential for huge returns.

The problem with most real-time internet leads is that there is higher risk involved. However, the only reason the risk exists is because of lead generation companies that do not follow through with their promises. Don’t let those other companies waste your time and money.

This results in sub-par leads and a wasted investment. When you use, your return will far exceed your investment.  We work on providing you with the leads you want, as fast as possible, with enormous potential for growth in your customer base.

Why Use

By now, you’re probably wondering if we truly are who you need to start bringing in the leads. The answer? ABSOLUTELY. We have a proven track record of success.  We have extensive experience and an unsurpassed amount of email data, along with a best of class emailing software system.

  • We’re Fast: The best internet leads for your profits are the ones who are actively looking to refinance their homes. With our speedy response time, your leads will still be searching for information on refinancing their homes when you give them a call. Our Real-Time internet leads allow you to respond to potential customers within seconds.
  • We Filter: We apply filtering to your leads to fit your specific needs. Because of this, you end up with only relevant leads for your product offering. More relevant leads result in more customers. Most other companies do not provide this type of high quality filtering.
  • We Track: Our top-of-the-line lead management system provides you a method of tracking your results and measuring your performance. The key to making internet leads successful is by watching your metrics. Our exclusive tracking system allows you to track every lead received.

No Time Like The Present

So, if you are ready to start losing your competition in the dust – now is the time to take the leap. One week brokers are soaring, and the next week they are sinking. Since the crash of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae in 2009, it’s become more difficult to close loans. Systems that worked in the past, are no longer bringing in predictable and consistent returns. We have perfected our system for generating exceptional real time mortgage internet leads from people who are ready to refinance. Don’t let your competition beat you to the punch!

We are READY to revolutionize your potential customer pool, and start bringing you leads, today!