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Refi Live Transfers Crushes the Competition

We have PROVEN methods to bringing you leads who want to refinance. We have the best mortgage live transfers in the market. Our extensive research and unmatched opt-in data make us the premier choice for finding people who want to refinance their homes.

We provide high quality live transfer leads at an unbelievably high value. Our methods are often imitated, but never duplicated. You won’t find more for less anywhere else. Start today, and watch your mortgage refinancing business flourish.

Our (USA) Qualified Live Transfers:

  • USA Based Call Center
  • Predictive Dialers ONLY – NO “VB” or RoboCalls
  • People Who “Reached Out“: We call Aged Leads!
  • Exclusive
  • Qualified
  • One & Two Minute Qualifiers: If They Don’t Fit, You Don’t Pay

If you are in the mortgage refinancing market, great news, you found us! Your potential for growth is almost infinite. In order to start growing your customer base, you have to have an influx of people who are interested in refinancing. This is where we come in!

Live Transfers Grow Your Customers

At, we are focused on providing you with quality leads. One of the leads we offer are REAL refinance mortgage live transfer leads. We have already started to target your potential customer base. We have stellar telemarketers calling people who might be interested in refinancing their homes, right now.

We find potential leads by using several PROVEN methods. Our telemarketers call these potential leads and ask them a series of questions to determine:

  • 90% and Less LTV’s
  • Good and Excellent Credit Types
  • High Interest Rates
  • High Values
  • No Lates – No Refi’s
  • Minimum Qualifiers

Once our telemarketers know they have a quality lead, the call is transferred to you. You then have the opportunity to close the sale, and convert the lead to a customer.

Live Transfers Offer Benefit

Live transfers take all of the heavy lifting out of finding customers. We target potential leads, and then based on your set qualifications, we refine those potential leads even further. We only send a live lead if it fits your predetermined needs. This type of high quality filtering ensures that you don’t waste your time and money on irrelevant leads.

Aside from our live transfer leads being custom tailored, they also provide unmatched speed.  Once our skilled telemarketers make contact and determine the lead is a fit, the lead is transferred straight to you. There is no wait time in between!

High Quality Refinance – Mortgage Live Transfers

There are roughly 75 million people in the U.S. who own homes. This means that there are 75 million people who could potentially refinance their mortgages. The mortgage market is still in a recovery mode, more people are jumping at the opportunity to take advantage of today’s lower interest rates than ever before.