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Reverse Direct Mail

The Time for Reverse Mortgage Direct Mailing is Now!

Samples Below!

Did you know that the baby boomers make up 75 million people in the United States? That’s 29% of our population. Today, the baby boomers are now anywhere from 49-67 years old. This group has exponentially helped to single-handedly grow corporations.

  • When the baby boomers were babies, Gerber’s profits soared.
  • When they began driving, car manufacturers started developing stylish cars for them to drive.
  • When they hit mid-life crisis age, expensive sports cars had an explosion of sales.
  • Now, these baby boomers have entered into the Reverse Mortgage age.
  • 28% of this group already qualifies for reverse mortgage.

That is 21 million potential customers. Now you’re wondering, how are you going to dwindle this group down to customers who not only qualify, but also need a reverse mortgage?

The Answer is Simple: Direct Mail Leads

Direct mail leads are statistically one of the strongest types of leads for this age group. They have proven to be effective time and time again.
The problem with most direct mail leads out there is that their results aren’t trackable. There is no way of knowing when mail is received or when calls come in.

Without that essential information, you are:

  • Wasting Time
  • Targeting Non Specific Groups
  • And Ultimately, Losing Money

We send out millions of direct mail pieces weekly, NO ONE can beat our value on volume…..

Most lead generating companies don’t target the good leads to fit your specific needs. Not every 62+ year old out there fits your requirements. There are specific qualifications that deem whether or not a person is ideal for reverse mortgage leads. We know the secret. We find you leads that result in customers.

Our Data CRUSHES the Competition

We’ve researched extensively to ensure that the leads we have are stellar. We provide you data to see when your mail left, and how soon it should hit. Our direct mailing campaign will result in calls from truly interested potential senior reverse lead customers.

They Call YOU!

We use our research to develop a direct mail campaign that will result in strong leads. The wonderful thing about our direct mail campaigns is there is ZERO guesswork on your part.

  • We Target and Filter Your Potential Leads
  • Only Those Who Fit Those Parameters are Sent Mail
  • Once the Lead Receives the Direct Mail, They Only Call if They Are Interested

These leads choose to call you, and that is very powerful. They have not only been pre-selected, but they have consciously made a decision to call you. This removes the stress of outbound, cold calling. If you are ready to tap into this group with exponential growth potential, you have come to the right place. We have the tools to bring you quality leads, resulting in increased profits.

Standard Program: You Will See Results in One Week

We are confident in our research, and can promise to provide you quality leads with fast and efficient delivery. Right after you make the decision to let us help you grow your business, we get straight to work. We use our proven methods to start targeting your specific potential customer base.
Within one week you will begin to see results.

That’s right! We have Hard-boiled, reverse mortgage direct mailing campaigns down to a science. We have a proven track record of success, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  • This is as close to no-risk as it gets:
  • We Are Experts in Reverse Mortgage.
  • We Are Direct Mail Superstars.
  • We Have Unsurpassed Amounts of Data,
  • And A Long History of Proven Results.

We offer all of this at a TREMENDOUS value. We have millions of leads waiting to hear from you. The time is now to get started with your reverse mortgage direct mail campaign. Don’t wait for others to swoop in and take advantage.