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Happy Clients!

Unlike most companies, these are ACTUAL emails received by our clients….

Matt, We have been receiving your responder leads in CA, Wa, Nj, Az, and Co. Do not sell these states!!!! I love these leads Matt!!!! My guys are literally getting all documents faxed in on the first call! We are closing about 2-3 out of 5 so far! We just closed a 365k FHA deal at 4 points! Thanks Again Matt…Don’t you dare sell these states to anyone else hahah! Seriously though, these are a game changer. I want to lock down every lead you get in these states. -Response: How do we respond to that? Ok! We Wont!

Aaron P. - RSM, CA

ok, so i only have $400 left on that 15,000 citibank card....congratulations for breaking me! -Response: Congratulations on "Making" You!

Michael P. - VA

I'm referring everyone I know to you, any referral fees? -Response: You bet, referral contract is in your inbox.

Chris G. - Palm Beach, FL

client only calls when we have a problem, this client said ok, you did good....Nice, have any internet aged reverse? -Response: Why are you even asking, done - and Unsold!

J.P. - Irvine, CA