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VA Mortgage Live Transfers

VA Mortgage Live Transfers are ON Fire!

With roughly 23 million veterans in the United States, it’s no surprise that VA mortgages are a popular product. Like FHA, VA mortgage loans are partially backed by the federal government, though they are easier to qualify for than FHA. An increasing number of veterans are turning to VA mortgage loans to own homes.

Speed is absolutely essential when making a sale. We get it! That’s why we work diligently to ensure that our live transfer leads are fast! After making contact, our telemarketers determine if the lead fits your needs. Then they transfer the call to you all in a matter of seconds.

Our speedy live transfers target:

  • Currently VA Eligible
  • Good Estimated FICO’s
  • High Loan Amounts
  • NO Mortgage Late’s
  • No BK’s

This is a happening niche in the mortgage world. You need to be ready to play hardball to get in. Good News! We know this niche. We have an extraordinary database of current VA mortgage holders, and a database of eligible veterans. So, let’s play ball!

Live Transfer Leads Give You What You Need

At, we specialize in live transfer leads. We have a team of outstanding, domestic telemarketers, targeting VA mortgage loan holders or eligible veterans. Once we make contact, and see that the veteran is interested, they become a lead.

When you sign up for our live transfer leads, you are setting yourself up for success! Not only do we offer high quality live transfer leads, but the leads are also custom tailored to your specific needs. We offer unique, first rate filtering to our leads. You set up the parameters, and we do all the legwork!

Our telemarketers ask leads a series of questions to determine if:

  • The lead fits your needs
  • The lead is truly interested
  • The lead is likely to convert

If the lead does not match your filtering requirements, we do not initiate the transfer. If the lead does not seem interested, we do not transfer. If the lead doesn’t seem ready to commit, we do not transfer. We only send you the highest quality, best matched leads.

Sign Up Today to Start Talking to Veterans

Our enormous database and sparkling track record speak for themselves. We offer the highest quality live transfer VA Mortgage leads in the market. With us, your leads will always be filtered to your needs, and they will always arrive at lightening speeds.

Our value is shockingly high. Act NOW! – Your success in the competitive VA Mortgage Market depends on it!